Why Teens Need Routine

Teens need routine to thrive.

There is no easy answer to the ongoing crisis in teen mental health, but one powerful solution may be found in rethinking how teens’ daily lives are structured. Research suggests that stable routines support teens’ overall mental health and well-being, while a lack of routine makes them more vulnerable. A recent study from the University […]

How to Support Your Teen Through Transitions

Transitions are tough at any age, but they’re extra-challenging for teens. Adolescence is already a time of nonstop changes, making unexpected upheavals like divorce, a big move, or the loss of a loved one even more unsettling. How can we make sure our teens not only survive but thrive in the midst of transitions? Change […]

5 Positive Podcasts to Listen to With Your Teen

Podcasts can seriously save the day. When we’re driving or doing chores, listening to a podcast somehow makes time spent on mundane tasks both entertaining and educational. Even better, listening together with your teen is a low-key way to connect and start great conversations. With around 2.5 million podcasts out there, one is sure to […]

Teens and the Power of Visualization

Elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and performers say it’s the secret to their success. It builds confidence, creates motivation, and helps gain a competitive edge. Visualization is powerful, and teens can use it to reach their goals, too. But learning how to use visualization effectively takes practice. Here, we explain how visualization works and share our top […]

The Secret of Getting Teens to Listen

If you ever wonder if your teen’s ears have an off switch, you’re not alone. What’s the secret to getting teens to listen? One strategy experts agree on is for parents to improve their own listening skills. Most of us think we’re pretty good listeners, but our body language, choice of words, and tone of […]

Stress Strategies for Teens

Teenagers now report higher stress levels than almost any other age group, according to a new report from the American Institute of Stress. Teens feel stressed for lots of reasons, including academic pressure, negative thoughts and feelings about themselves, family financial problems, or the illness or death of loved ones. And teens deal with this […]

Helping Your Teen Embrace Body Positivity

A positive body image is important for both mental and physical well-being, but teens today face more challenges than ever in feeling good about their bodies. According to Common Sense Media, teens now spend an average of nine hours per day using media for entertainment and tweens spend an average of six hours. Modern media’s […]

6 Strategies to Simplify Your Teen’s Life

It’s no secret that today’s teens are stressed. According to surveys conducted by the nonprofit Challenge Success, 95% of middle and high school students are sleep deprived, 77% experience stress-related health symptoms, and 63% say they are “constantly worried” about academics. Researchers attribute rising teen stress levels to the same factors that drive adult stress, […]

6 Ways to Help Your Teen Unplug

Not including schoolwork, teens spend an average of 7.5 hours a day consuming media on cell phones or other devices. That’s about half their waking hours. No wonder so many parents ask, “is my kid addicted to their phone?” The answer? Well… maybe. Cell phone addiction is real and knowing the signs and symptoms can […]

Start Talking: It\’s Mental Health Month

People are often surprised when they learn of the high prevalence of mental health issues. Nearly 1 in 5 American adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition in any given year. Fifty percent of lifetime mental health issues show their signs by age 14, making the teen years an important time to talk about […]

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