5 Myths About Teen Mental Health

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There’s no doubt that teen mental health is in crisis. Since 2007, rates of teen depression and suicide have risen by 60%. Self-harm, anxiety and other mood disorders also rose sharply during the same period. And while the COVID-19 pandemic made things worse for many, teen mental health was in decline before 2020, making it […]

6 Ways to Get Your Teen To Sleep More

The pandemic has upended the lives of teens in many ways, but one of the most serious effects has been on their sleep schedules. Even before COVID, only about a third of teens got the 8-10 hours that the National Sleep Foundation says is essential. Then the pandemic shattered teens’ routines and caused anxiety to […]

3 Ways to Help Reduce Anxiety in Your Teen or Adolescent

The latest news on anxiety in adolescence comes from The US Preventive Services Task Force which is currently considering a final recommendation that all children aged 8 to 18, be evaluated for anxiety. Having earlier evaluation would aim to identify anxiety issues, put in place recommended interventions for specific age groups, and help prevent anxiety […]

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