The Science of Building Healthy Habits to Protect Mental Health

Human beings are creatures of habit. We get out of bed, shower and brush our teeth without thinking about it. We make our coffee the same way, eat the same thing for breakfast and take the same route to work or school. In fact, research shows that about 40% of our actions and up to […]

Teaching Teens How to Set Boundaries

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Boundaries protect your teen’s right to feel safe, respected and validated. They help teens create a strong sense of identity, and they’re a part of every healthy relationship. But setting boundaries is not easy, even for many adults. Here are five steps to help you teach your teen how to set boundaries skillfully.   Know […]

Why Confidence is so Important for Teens

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Here’s a cool, little-known fact about the word confidence: it comes from the Latin fidere, which means “to trust.” If you’ve used the Lucero App, you might have seen this word before. Hint: It’s the title of Island 2 because the 28-day experience is designed to help improve your sense of confidence.   You could […]

Why Living Consciously is so Important for Teens

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What does it mean to live consciously? According to Zen Habits blogger Leo Babauta, it’s about “taking control of your life, about thinking about your decisions rather than making them without thought… If you’re drifting through life, or feel out of control, or don’t know how you got here, deciding to live consciously could be […]

5 Myths About Teen Mental Health

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There’s no doubt that teen mental health is in crisis. Since 2007, rates of teen depression and suicide have risen by 60%. Self-harm, anxiety and other mood disorders also rose sharply during the same period. And while the COVID-19 pandemic made things worse for many, teen mental health was in decline before 2020, making it […]

The Family as a Protective Factor

Protective Factors are attributes in families that increase health and well-being. We could take that a bit further and state that family and community in and of themselves can be Protective Factors. Families who establish and maintain healthy habits, support each other, and engage in community are more likely to live more satisfying and fulfilling […]

6 Ways to Get Your Teen To Sleep More

The pandemic has upended the lives of teens in many ways, but one of the most serious effects has been on their sleep schedules. Even before COVID, only about a third of teens got the 8-10 hours that the National Sleep Foundation says is essential. Then the pandemic shattered teens’ routines and caused anxiety to […]

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