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What is Lucero?

Lucero is a therapist-backed tool that provides 24/7 emotional support to youth and aids caregivers.

Through youth-focused content and on-demands tools, Lucero helps tweens and teens learn emotional regulation skills – both in times of crisis and on an ongoing basis.

Top Benefits to Youth & Families

Provide Immediate 24/7

A therapist-backed tool that helps parents navigate supporting the emotional needs of their tweens & teens.

Boost Productivity through being Proactive

Lucero has been designed as an upstream solution that helps address the root causes to make families more resilient as a whole.

Built with Youth in

Give your patients an easy-to-use way to track their habits and practice self care.

“Lucero is an amazing app which provides a safe environment for young people to be themselves! I am so grateful to be a part of Lucero and to be a part of an app that can have such an impact in people’s lives!”
Journi – Youth Collaborator


  • Therapist-backed. All content and activities are written by licensed mental health professionals (LPC, LCSW).
  • Evidence-based. Therapeutic activities designed to support emotional regulation and increase self-efficacy.


  • Youth-driven. Our team of tween & teen advisors have been instrumental in the development of every aspect of the app, from design to content approval.
  • Game-based wellness app. Our content is designed to be engaging and fun for tween, teen, and even caregiver users. Our avatars are adorable too!

Lucero Plus Features
for All Explorers:

600+ Self-care Activities and Unlimited Access to Spark

20 Behavioral Missions with 300+ Healthy Habits

Unlimited Daily Plans with In-App Rewards

84 Self-Reflection Discoveries

Detailed Progress Tracker

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