How Can I Nurture My Youth’s Self-Discovery Journey?

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Self-discovery is the mission of every adolescent’s journey from childhood to adulthood. A strong identity helps tweens and teens develop self-awareness, self-regulation skills and confidence, and it guides them to make healthier choices and to grow into resilient adults. How can parents and caregivers make sure young people get the most out of their self-discovery […]

Why Are Loneliness Rates Increasing?

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Loneliness has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., according to Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy. In May, Murthy’s office released a sobering report which stated, “Our epidemic of loneliness and isolation has been an underappreciated public health crisis that has harmed individual and societal health. Our relationships are a source of healing and well-being hiding […]

The Rise in Loneliness and What to Do About It

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2023 marked the release of a public health advisory unlike any other in history. Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on the Healing Effects of Social Connection and Community calls out the profound impact of loneliness on mental and physical health, with a special focus on adolescents. Dr. Vivek Murthy […]

Why Self-love is So Important for Teens

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Self-love includes “radical honesty, positive habit building, and unconditional self-acceptance,” writes poet and author Yung Pueblo. If a single quality could ensure teens’ lifelong mental, physical and emotional well-being, it just might just be the ability to love themselves. That’s because self-love gives teens tools to conquer self-doubt, practice self-acceptance and self-care, and stay steady […]

From Loneliness to Connection: Five Actionable Strategies

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Rates of adolescent loneliness are on the rise, and it’s a cause for major concern among mental health experts. Loneliness, according to Stanford University researchers, is “the state of distress or discomfort that results when we perceive a gap between our desire for social connection and our actual experience of it.” Connection, on the other […]

How Connection Helps You Navigate Transitions

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Transitions are a part of life at every age, but they’re especially intense for tweens and teens. Nonstop neurological, psychological, physical and social changes are woven into the fabric of adolescence, making tweens and teens more vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression. Researchers say that connection to others – including social support, meaningful relationships, and […]

How Connection Builds Confidence

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The confidence of almost every tween and teen takes a hit in adolescence. Kids who were spunky, sassy and carefree a few years ago may suddenly seem unsure and anxious. The transition is tough for parents to process. “…A confident child does not automatically become a confident adolescent,” says psychologist Carl Pickhardt. That’s because adolescence […]

How Connection Addresses Stress, Anxiety and Pressure

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In a 2018 survey by the American Psychological Association, teens reported higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety and worse overall mental health than any other age group. The sources of that stress are complex, including everything from academic pressures and negative thoughts and feelings about themselves to fears about mass shootings, climate change and […]

Why Did We Include Connection With Our App Model?

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Connection is a core component of adolescent mental health. Without supportive relationships, tweens and teens are far more likely to experience depression and anxiety and to be at risk for self-harm. Positive relationships with family, friends and others build tweens’ and teens’ self-esteem, increase their resilience, lower their risk of anxiety and depression, and even […]

How the Pandemic is Still Impacting Your Teen

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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of people of all ages, but teens were hit especially hard. According to the CDC, more than a third of high school students (37%) reported they experienced poor mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 44% reported persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness. “These […]

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