Martin Family Case Study Using Lucero: A Family's Support Tool Through Tween Year Transitions

The Martin family is adventurous and creative. They love to travel and are constantly in the kitchen trying new cheesecake recipes. This loving family also faced some recent challenges. Read on to learn about how they used Lucero to help navigate the tween year transitions.

Meet Taylor,
Age 12

Taylor loves painting, drawing, and making art. She wants to start a jewelry making company and spends her time making bracelets. She is creative and caring. Between 6th and 7th grade, Taylor’s family moved towns. Suddenly, she was in a new place and didn’t know anyone. She felt overwhelmed. This upbeat child was suddenly shut down and sullen.

Meet Andy,
Age 9

Andy loves dinosaurs and sharing dinosaur facts with everyone. He’s also a builder and can spend hours building with legos and creating new worlds. At times, Andy struggles with emotional control. “He’s my sweet and sour child,” Andy’s mom says. “He can be so sweet and fun to be around, and then a switch flips and he can go off. Something small, like me asking him to get ready for bed, could totally change his mood.”

Meet Selena,
Mom of Andy and Taylor

Selena was worried about her kids and heard about Lucero from a friend. ”As a parent, I’m thinking, how can I talk to my kid about this? How can I address this in a way that’s going to not be cringy? What are things that can connect us with our kids right now?” She downloaded the app and was instantly impressed.

By using Lucero, the Martin Family learned how to start important conversations, name emotions, and practice healthy coping skills.

Selena, Mom and Children's Book Author

As a parent, I’m thinking, how can I talk to my kid about this? How can I address this in a way that's going to not be cringy? What are things that can connect us with our kids right now?

Selena needed a trusted resource for parenting advice and liked that all of Lucero's content was written by licensed therapists who specialize in working with children.

Selena was impressed Lucero's game-based graphics and her kids instantly connected on the app.

A Safe Place for Taylor

For middle schooler Taylor, Lucero’s app became a safe place for her to process her feelings. She tried some of the art and connecting activities suggested on Lucero, and started feeling like herself again.

“Yesterday I hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep, and I really wanted to use Lucero. I like how if you’re feeling down, it lifts you up and makes you feel better.

“When my mom sent me flares, it helped me bring back my smile.”

“I learned from Lucero that it’s okay to have any type of emotions at any time.”

 “I do like bringing up the questions that Lucero asks. Whenever I’m in a room with others, I ask them…What would your answer be?”

I can tell she’s in a safe environment, and she knows that she can share or keep things private. We’re getting to learn about each other and getting to learn different coping skills. It’s been good to watch her say, ‘Hey I have this tool in my back pocket and I know when I need to use it.’ It has made her more socially and emotionally aware of herself. She can navigate things in life.

 -Selena, Taylor’s Mom

A Toolbox for Andy

Selena’s son Andy was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after starting up with Lucero, which also impacted his self image and increased his emotionality.

After using Lucero he’s much better at naming that emotion up front. He can acknowledge it and say, ‘ I’m getting to a point where I’m gonna lose control’ and he is able to name that feeling before it escalates so high. This has been huge. Last week we were building legos and one of his buildings broke. I was expecting a huge outburst, and instead he said, ‘this is making me frustrated, I am going to leave this a while.’ It was a huge improvement!

“With my son, I was so worried because we went from very happy and calm, to something just completely triggering him, and an outburst. So using Lucero really helped us check in and ask, ‘Hey, where are we at right now?’.”

“Now we can talk through things that we have seen together on Lucero, and say, ‘What are ways we can bring this back down?’ ’And he has those tools. I know that he has developed and learned skills from being engaged with Lucero, that it's been so helpful, and we've seen these positive changes.”

Now, Selena feels more confident in her parenting skills and more connected to her kids.

 -Selena, Andy’s Mom

“It’s been such an amazing and incredible app for our family…I love the parent piece of really being able to work on myself as well, alongside them.”

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