Over 50+ Youth, Therapists, Game Designers, and Developers have brought Lucero to Life

with a Goal of creating the most Radically Supportive space for self-discovery & self-care

Meet the Experts


"Lucero is an amazing app which provides a safe environment for young people to be themselves! I am so grateful to be a part of Lucero and to be part of an app that can have such an impact on people's lives!"


"I love that the Lucero app encourages kids to be emotionally intelligent and equip them to better handle sadness and anxiety with positive affirmations! In light of increased mental health issues with my generation, I am excited to be working with Lucero as it is the next step to encouraging better mental health practices at a younger age!"


Jeter is one of our 27 Youth App Reviewers, Approvers, & Content Creators

"I was excited to be a part of the Lucero project and can not wait to see the app come to life."


"Lucero Speaks is an important development which strive to pride a better understanding of yourself and how you can grow into the person you were created to be. I am more than honored to be a part of the app and can't wait to see it in it's final form!"


Jan Bozarth
Jan Bozarth is the Lucero creative game story writer and one of the 10+ creators who have built the entire world of Lumin!

"Writing Lucero's story and helping to guide preteens and teens through the labyrinth of life is an exciting challenge and a joy at the same time. I'm proud to be a part of this team!"


Dakota Becker
Dakota Becker is one of the 6 Therapists that have co-created, reviewed, and approved all content!

"I love that the app provides a safe and accessible space from tweens and teens to explore more about themselves while gaining further insight, a sense of belonging and connection, and opportunities to grow and overcome challenges."

Radical Support = Unconditional love fueled by compassion and understanding.

Meet Jillian Domingue

"An App built for Framilies"

Framilies are any combination of youth and adults who want to radically support each other.

Jillian Domingue has a Bachelor degree in Human Development and Family Sciences from The University of Texas and over a decade of experience building programs, products, and services to improve the lives of individuals and families. Her experience as foster mom to tweens/teen and daily life as an adoptive mom to two young children inspire and influence her work developing Lucero. 

Meet Meagan Butler, M.Ed, LPC
Chief Care Model Officer

Meagan Butler is a practicing Child and Adolescent Therapist with over 17 years of experience as an educator and mental health provider. She was named Austin ISD’s District-wide Counselor of the Year in 2015. Meagan is a PhD student in School Improvement at Texas State University and her research interests include neuroscience-based interventions and trauma-informed practices. Meagan practices Mindfulness everyday.

Meet Luke Kujacznski
SVP of Strategic Partnerships

Luke Kujacznski is a people-focused leader with over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, community development, and partnerships. As a recipient of the 40 under 40 award for his community leadership, Luke has successfully raised millions for programs aimed at helping individuals understand their inherent value. His track record highlights his commitment to creating meaningful change and leaving a positive impact on the world. Luke’s expertise and motivation make him a valuable asset in any endeavor aimed at improving communities and empowering individuals.

Meet the Advisors

When you join the Lucero family, you are entering an inclusive, youth-driven, and therapist-backed experience.

We invite you to be a part of a movement focused on improving youth mental health. The Lucero app is just the beginning. We welcome and encourage your ideas and feedback to help shape the future of Lucero into a fun, inclusive and safe place for youth and families to practice self-discovery, self-care, and to both give and receive radical support.

Melinda Cantu, MSSW, LCPAA

Karen Ranus

Sarah Covey

Sam Decker

Jeff Eastman

Monique Nguyen

Tom Murphy

Amar Rama

Jeremy Chapman

Jim Hoover

Eric Weaver, DHA, MHA

Are you looking for ways to better support the tweens or teens in your life?

Navigating adolescence can be tough.

That’s why Lucero has expertly created a safe space for tweens and teens to just be themselves.

Give them the tools to develop healthy habits that last a lifetime in a way in which they enjoy.

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